The Alban Vineyard  by Rick Garcia, oil on canvas.

The Alban Vineyard by Rick Garcia, oil on canvas.

Welcome to Alban Vineyards

I hope your visit was prompted by something you tasted! Thirty plus years ago the idea of a California winery dedicated solely to Rhone varieties was preposterous.  I was in my early twenties and, frankly, just didn’t know any better. The premise of Alban Vineyards was simply naïve: that people were ready to drink wines that tasted delicious regardless the variety or blend, irrespective of whether they’d heard of the producer, and with no concern for appellation. Much to my amazement, thanks to folks like you, that turned out to be true.
This change in attitude - looking at wine as a source of pleasure, not a testament to breeding, birthright, or a beverage with any ‘responsibility’ beyond making you happy completely changed the way the world perceives wine. The door opened for the countless varieties, regions, and flavors we all enjoy today.

Here you can see and read about our efforts to take the fruit we grow and fashion it into what we hope you’ll experience as delicious.  That is the driving force behind everything we do. Should you wish to dive in and not merely contemplate our work, we invite you to join our mailing list.

With thanks,
John Alban